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AN4 Pro, 5x7 meter inner dimension

5 x 7 m. Innertent, 5 x 9 m. Roof ...

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AN4 W, 5x7 meter inner dimension

5 x 7 m. Innertent, 5 x 9 m. Roof The Outstanding® tent for 4-6 people The AN4 W is the favourite holiday destinat...

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AN4 Lodge, 7.5x4.15 meter inner dimension

7.5 m. x 4.15 m. Innertent, 8.5 m. x 7.5 m. Roof ...

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Attract more guests to your campsite

The Outstanding® safari tent also makes your campsite attractive to a different public – people who like the adventure of camping but without the trouble of putting up a tent and people who want to relax but without the deprivations of a primitive tent. Outstanding® is not just a safari tent. It’s a different way of holidaying - a way that appeals to high-end holidaymakers. It’s relaxing adventure.

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What’s the setting for your campsite? Surrounded by meadows, woodland, mountains or water? Put up unique Outstanding® safari tents and let people enjoy your site in a different way. The Outstanding® safari tents can be left up all year. They are complete with bathroom fittings and furnishings. You’ll find that this year’s guests will want to book for next year already …


Our safari tents are the best!

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Campsite owner

“We have a campsite at a wonderful location, amongst the meadows and close to the woods. With the Outstanding® safari tents people are able to enjoy our location in a different way. Waking early because you’re stiff from sleeping in a sleeping bag is a thing of the past. Our guests can enjoy a long lie in on a box-spring mattress –in the tent. That’s wonderful!”

Eric Otter, Camping De Boshoek

Eric Otter

Campsite owner

"The Safari tent is a brilliant way of camping with a luxury feeling, and that's where it's all about: looking back on an unforgettable moment" 

Olav Petram, Allurepark Laag Kanje

Olav Petram

Where can you find our safari tents?

Special Journey - Bangkok

Special Journey - Bangkok


Nicholaston Farm Camping

Nicholaston Farm Camping

United Kingdom

RCN De Flaasbloem

RCN De Flaasbloem

The Netherlands

The Natural mini resort - Willemstad

The Natural mini resort - Willemstad


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